Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunals - Advice for Employers

Many companies and charities are well equipped with very capable HR Advisors but if your business or charity has been issued with a claim, it may be beneficial to obtain independent legal advice to provide some clarity and structure in dealing with the claim.

Whilst the question of right or wrong is at the forefront of our minds, we must also take an economical view and budget for what lies ahead. Value can therefore be added by obtaining such legal advice.

We offer a fixed package for initial advice and if additional assistance is required, we shall endeavour to provide a clear and fixed quote to help your business or charity budget accordingly.


Review of all written instructions and evidence.

30-minute consultation (either by telephone or at one of our offices).

Written advice setting out prospects of success for defending the claim, consideration as to whether an offer ought to be made and an overview of the procedure leading up to the tribunal to assist you in being well equipped and preparing for same. 

Often, despite an employer doing nothing wrong, an employer may be found to have fallen foul by simply having a misunderstanding of the legal processes and therefore failing to adhere to same and similarly, due to confusion over what can be become a complex tribunal matter. 

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