Contesting A Will

Contesting a Will

Losing someone can be an incredibly emotional time for all of the family. Disputes around someone’s estate are unpleasant but unfortunately they do happen frequently, they can also be incredibly complex and involve intertwined family relationships. It is important that these disputes are handled with the upmost respect and sincerity and everything is done to reach the desired outcome for everyone involved.

We have the experience to ensure that if you are contesting a will you have the correct grounds set in place and are advised appropriately. Contesting a will is not straightforward and there are a number of ways that it can be carried out. Your solicitor will advise you in detail about your potential claim, carry out investigations and advise you of your legal position during a case.

So why use Hennah Haywood Law? Our legal professionals are compassionate and articulate, ensuring you are always fully up to date on all legislation and all methods to contest a will.

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We understand how sensitive these types of matters are, our knowledgeable team are dedicated to ensuring the process is made as easy as possible for you and your family

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