Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

Cauda equina syndrome is a rare and severe type of spinal stenosis where all of the nerves in the lower back suddenly become severely compressed. It is often caused by a large disc herniation in the lower back that compresses the nerve roots at the end of the spinal cord. These nerves send messages to and from the bladder, bowel, and legs. If they remain squeezed for too long, irreversible damage can occur.

You are eligible to make a clinical negligence claim for a cauda equina injury, if you have either developed cauda equina syndrome as a result of substandard surgical treatment or if you have developed the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome and there has been a negligent delay in treating it, leading it to decline and worsen rapidly irrevocably .

Often a claim arises when a patient develops cauda equina symptoms, but their GP or a hospital doctor is not sufficiently alert to them. As a consequence, there is a failure to perform the tests which would allow the condition to be diagnosed, so there is a delay in operating to decompress the affected nerves. If you would like to discuss with us a Cauda Equina Syndrome Claim, please contact us today at Hennah Haywood Law

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