GP Negligence Claims

GP Negligence Claims

General practitioners are at the forefront of providing medical care to the public. Unfortunately, GPs can make mistakes which have devastating consequences.

As the first port of call, much reliance is placed on GPs to make the correct diagnosis or, if they are not able to treat the patient, refer the patient for relevant treatment to ensure the condition is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Failure or delay in doing so can result of catastrophic outcomes, be lifelong injuries or, death.

Our specialist lawyers at Hennah Haywood Law have helped many individuals’ claims against their GPs insurers for the negligence they have suffered. The most common types of GP negligence are:-

    Failure or delay in a correct diagnosis;

    Failure or delay in providing treatment;

    Failure or delay to appropriately refer;

    Failure or incorrectly investigating examination results;

    Failure to act appropriately on the results of investigations;

    Prescribing inaccurate medication;

    Poor or a failure to record;

    Failure to carry out tests and,

    Failure to follow sufficient precautions.

Our dedicated team understand the anxieties an individual faces when contemplating a clinical claim against their GP. Our clinical negligence team have successfully concluded various clinical negligence claims involving GP negligence, and do so with the utmost discretion, sensitivity and support. Contact our clinical negligence team for a free consultation.

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