Malicious Prosecution

Malicious Prosecution

Claims for malicious prosecution require the claimant to prove that the police had no reason to pursue a prosecution.

If this is the case, the court outcome of any case must also have been in favour of the defendant; for example that the case was dismissed or the defendant was found not guilty. It is also necessary to show that the police pursued a prosecution which was not in the interests of justice.

In cases of malicious prosecution, it is necessary to show that any evidence the police produced was manufactured – or that a police witness gave incorrect evidence or committed perjury (lied under oath in a court of law).

We advise those who have been victims of malicious prosecution on how to bring a claim against the police for compensation.

It is possible to also claim for damage to reputation and any earnings lost as a result of malicious prosecution, as well as claiming compensation for any breaches of human rights, including the deprivation of liberty. Please contact us directly at Hennah Haywood to discuss your experiences if you believe you have been a victim of malicious prosecution.

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