Historic Abuse

Historic Abuse

It must be difficult to make the decision to speak up about your abuse, but our expert staff will make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

It's critical to know your rights, whether you may file a claim, and whether you need to report your abuse to the authorities.

We'll walk you through the procedure, speak with you sensitively, and do everything we can to get you your compensation as soon as possible.

We have dealt with many complex cases involving historic abuse and have participated in a number of documentaries and news articles on such matters.  We recognise the importance of sensitivity in these matters and as such would recommend speaking directly to a member of our litigation team at Hennah Haywood Law.

Director & Solicitor

Nathan Hennah

Our team will be able to put you at ease during an incredibly difficult and sensitive time using comprehensive knowledge, technical ability and empathetic understanding.

  • No win, no fee!
  • Specialist case handlers
  • 30+ years’ experience

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At Hennah Haywood Law, we have access to leading medical experts and barristers, and we utilise those connections to ensure we build a robust and tight case on your behalf. Our team at Hennah Haywood Law can help with an extensive variety of types of historical abuse claims.

We cannot turn the clock and undo what has happened but, we can provide you with access to justice and recover the compensation you and your family are owed and deserve.

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