Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

Everyone will utilise professional services at some point during their lifetime. When you instruct a professional, the professional has a set standard that they must always maintain and uphold. They have a duty to provide at the very least a minimum level of service. If that standard is not met, then they have been negligent. Professionals that are negligent may be found to owe compensation to those they have been negligent toward.

Professionals are required to exercise skill and care when acting on any matter instructed with them by an individual. Occasionally a professionals work may fall below the standard that is reasonably expected. As a result of the poor level of service, an individual may suffer a financial loss.

In order to bring a successful professional negligence claim you will need to demonstrate the following:

    You were owed a duty of care by the professional

    The professional breached that duty

    The breach of duty by the professional has caused you to suffer financial loss

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