Personal Injury

What is personal injury?

Our litigation team are here to make things easier for you and your family after a personal injury. Each year, we assist people who have been injured in accidents not their fault. We have been able to recover millions in compensation on behalf of our injured clients. We recognise that compensation is only one part of the tale, and our team could also assist you in obtaining the rehabilitation, medical care, and psychological support you require to make the greatest possible recovery.


You typically have three years to file a personal injury claim after being injured. In most cases, this time period begins to run from the date of your incident. However, in some situations, the time period begins from the time you became aware that your damage was the result of someone else's negligence (in the case of a workplace illness for instance). There are some exceptions to the three-year norm, and the time limit can be as low as one year in rare cases. If you believe you may be eligible for compensation, it is critical that you contact us as soon as possible.


    Accidents at work (including back, head and manual handling injuries)

    Accidents in public places (including claims against the council and slips, trips and falls)

    Medical negligence (including misdiagnosis, surgery, and GP negligence)

    Serious injury (including traumatic brain and spinal injuries)

    Road traffic accidents (including pedestrian, cyclist and passenger accidents)

    Accidents or illness abroad (including holiday accidents and food poisoning)


No win no fee claims means we will not charge you a penny if you are not successful in your claim. In the event of success, we will then be entitled to deduct 25% of the total amount awarded to you.


Individuals may experience different outcomes from the same injury or sickness. As a result, the amount of compensation you may receive will be unique to you. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive expertise assessing claims based on your specific circumstances, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Our personal injury team at Hennah Haywood will be compassionate whilst providing practical advice during your case with us.

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At Hennah Haywood Law, we have access to leading medical experts and barristers, and we utilise those connections to ensure we build a robust and tight case on your behalf. Our team at Hennah Haywood Law can help with an extensive variety of types of personal injury claims.

We cannot turn the clock and undo what has happened but, we can provide you with access to justice and recover the compensation you and your family are owed and deserve.

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