Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals

A false conviction or indeed a  lengthy prison sentence can be devastating, for you or your family. Obtaining a reversal of a conviction or a reduction in a sentence is a lengthy process that requires significant legal support.  At Hennah Haywood Law we have been practicing in such matters since 1887 and have dealt with every domestic tribunal in the United Kingdom.

Hennah Haywood Law can assist you in such matters where every effort to present your appeal against a conviction or punishment in the most professional manner possible. While we do not carrying out any public funding matters we are able to present cases on a private instruction basis to the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, Court of Appeal and where appropriate the Supreme Court.

Historically we are one of the few firms that have taken cases to the House of Lords.

Every case is different on its facts but please call us for a consultation about the possibility of us helping you or your loved one.

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Rachael James

We understand that these circumstances may be incredibly difficult – our team of experts will provide you with support and ensure that we utilise our time to protect your reputation.

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