Estate Planning Solicitors

Estate Planning Solicitors

Estate planning solicitors ensure that you have the right strategy, and management is essential in developing an effective plan for you and your loved ones upon your passing. This does not just mean to write a will… estate planning is an informed strategy that serves to protect your assets and their distribution in the event of your death.

Hennah Haywood Law focus on helping you to plan, so that you can express your wishes in the best way possible which will inevitably give you peace of mind as time passes.

A complete estate plan involves, looking at your assets, investments and estate holistically, nominating decision makers to act on your behalf, ensuring that the ownership of your assets is passed on to the correct beneficiaries, ensuring that your assets are protected in case a beneficiary has legal problems, reducing tax payable to an absolute minimum, creating a legally binding will and a Statement of Wishes (which is morally binding).

Estate planning is a long-term strategy that reduces stress on your family and stops any second guessing in its tracks. We help you create an estate plan that is financially and legally sound to avoid any potential disputes arising.

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