Misuse of Taser and Handcuffs

Misuse of Taser and Handcuffs

When an arrest takes place, a police officer is entitled to use reasonable force to detain the person that he or she is arresting. Since 2003, the police have been allowed to carry Taser Guns.

The use of tasers and handcuffs can only be justified if the arrest was lawful and the use of tasers and handcuffs constituted with "reasonable force". It is in this context that the use of handcuffs depends on the circumstances but is often made on an objective basis for believing that a person may escape or use violence.

If none of the above features are present, this may give rise to a claim for damages.

It is essential that the police only use these methods when absolutely necessary and they follow correct protocol when they do. Being arrested and restrained can be a scary experience – many people have been injured by tasers during peaceful protests when already in handcuffs.

Psychological effects of a taser can be very serious including breathing problems, emotional trauma, psychological stress and even heart attacks! For more information on making a misuse of taser and handcuffs claim, please get in contact with us directly!

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