Ophthalmic Negligence Claims

Ophthalmic Negligence Claims

Eyesight is critically important to all that have it. Sometimes doctors can make mistakes which can lead to reduction of sight quality or even blindness. If you have suffered as a result of mistakes made on NHS or private ophthalmic treatment, our solicitors could help you claim compensation.

We have experience helping people claim following a range of procedures, including:

    Laser eye surgery

    Cataract, corneal or vitreo-retinal surgery

    Eye muscle surgery (strabismus treatment)

    Glaucoma treatments

    Retina re-attachment


    Blocked tear duct procedures

    Incorrect proscriptions for glasses, contact lenses, eye drops and medication

    Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis

We appreciate the effect that issues with eyesight can have on employment and day to day life. That is why we would take steps to ensure that you receive compensation deserved and will take steps to provide you with expert treatment or buy specialist apparatus to assist you living as independently as possible.

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