​Dragons RFC and Dragons Wheelchair Rugby Partnership

​Dragons RFC and Dragons Wheelchair Rugby Partnership

Dragons RFC and Dragons Wheelchair Rugby Renewed their Partnership with us for the 2022/23 season.

We are absolutely delighted to again be partnering with the Dragons Wheelchair Rugby Team and Dragons RFC for this season. Last year we had a fantastic time supporting both teams and thoroughly enjoyed following their progress.

As the headline sponsor of the Wheelchair Rugby, it has been incredible to watch the team grow over the past 12 months, and we have enjoyed keeping up with both new and old members of the squad. As our partnership strengthens, we hope to support more people to join this incredibly inclusive and inspiring team.

We have also had the pleasure of attending a few training sessions with the Wheelchair Rugby team, which the members at Hennah Haywood Law love to get involved in. 

Dragons RFC have a promising season ahead of them, with their upcoming fixtures certainly being highly anticipated by the local community. We are also thrilled to have opened a new, renewed wheelchair-friendly area for spectators at Rodney Parade

Here are a few words from the Dragons Wheelchair Rugby Captain, Michael Weedal:

“After our first meeting with HH Law, we realised this was more than just sponsor and club. We realised our family had grown, and a partnership was formed that was a lasting one.

“During the last two years we have had different visits from HH Law, they have tried out the sport and the relationship has been deepened and cemented.

“HH Law have provided all of our on-field vests and off field kit so we look like a real team. With the Dragons RFC and HH Law logo we know that when we wear the kit and play our sport we represent all of our partners and want to do them proud.

“We have already seen the benefits of having HH Law as our sponsor and it was great to see Dragons Rugby and HH Law providing a space for disabled people not only to play rugby but also to go and watch it at Rodney Parade.

“We want to thank HH Law for their sponsorship, Dragons RFC for their support. We want to thank Torfaen Leisure Trust for their support and for looking after us so well. We also want to thank WRU and Chris Garrett for starting it all off.

“We have seen this sport grow and develop. We hope to continue to develop and grow as a club making sure we provide a chair for all who wish to play this great sport with us as Dragons Wheelchair Rugby club, sponsored by HH Law and in partnership with Dragons RFC.

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